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Founded in 1957 Food Lion has 1100+ locations with its headquarters at Salisbury, North Carolina, United States.

The products served at Food Lion are Grocery, Produce, Meat, Seafood, Dairy, Deli, Bakery, Health, Pharmacy, Beer, Wine, and Drive-Thru Grocery pickups.

Food Lion was formerly known as Food Town and later in 2014, the name was reintroduced as Food Lion.

Have you visited Food Lion ever or do you keep shopping at Food Lion then we have something good to hear for you?

Food Lion now gives you a chance to share your feedback about your experience of visit at the Food Lion store.

In this article, we will guide you in taking the Food Lion survey by giving you details for participating in the food survey, the eligibility criteria, the rules, and the regulations to be abided by.

For each participant of the Food Lion survey, candidates have to follow. Also, we give you procedure details that.

will help you take the Food Lion survey easily and the other exciting part is you get a chance to win a $500 Food Lion Gift Card. - Win $500 Gift Card - Food Lion Survey

Food Lion Customer Satisfaction Survey

Food Lion now gives its all loyal customers a chance to share their genuine feedback through the customer satisfaction survey.

Your candid feedback is of great value and helps in making the right decision. The honest data collected through the feedback

helps in knowing customer satisfaction level and also helps in highlighting the loopholes in the plans. Food Lion will use the information to make changes.

in plans and strategies such that such will help in providing all-new amended and upgraded services on your future visit to the store.

The information will be useful only if you are genuine while you take the survey. The survey by Food Lion is to be taken online and such will need not much effort and very little time for taking the survey.

A list of questionnaires will be used to help you share your feedback easily with Food Lion, this is to be answered by recalling your most recent Food Lion visit experience.

The questions are very general and can be answered easily. On completing the survey your survey-taking will be appreciated.

by giving a free entry in the Food Lion sweepstake offer and getting a chance to win a $500 Gift Card. Such can be redeemed at the Food Lion store on your future visit. - Win $500 Gift Card - Food Lion Survey

Food Lion Survey Guidebook and Perquisites

To take your Food Lion survey smoothly first read the below-given list of rules and requirements –

  • The survey by Food Lion is open for legal residents of US residents but for places like the District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Georgia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and the age should be 18+ for taking the survey.
  • A receipt from Food Lion is compulsory for taking the survey.
  • The rewards from Food Lion are in the form of a Gift Card and cannot be exchanged for cash or transfer.
  • You must have a PC, Smartphone, or any such device for taking the Food Lion survey online, and also such must be connected to a reliable internet connection.
  • Food Lion survey-taking will be smooth if you have knowledge of the English language.
  • Food Lion employees, sponsors, management, and relatives of any such member will not be allowed to take the survey - Win $500 Gift Card - Food Lion Survey

Food Lion Customer Satisfaction Survey Procedure Guide

Food Lion survey can be taken easily by following the below-given procedure in the mentioned steps which are as follows –

  • To perform the Food Lion survey online visit the website
  • Enter the receipt details from the Food Lion receipt on your hand.
  • Click on the START button to begin your actual survey with Food Lion
  • The questionnaire for the Food Lion survey will be now displayed on your interface and such is to be rated by recalling your most recent experience with Food Lion.
  • Once you are done answering the questions next is to enter personal information like name, address, phone number, etc. as required by Food Lion.
  • Submit your data with Food Lion and here make an entry in the Food Lion sweepstake offer and get a chance to win a $500 Food Lion Gift card.


This was all about the Food Lion survey and its survey sweepstake program. Hope this information was ample for taking the survey and grabbing your chance of winning that amazing gift card from Food Lion.

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